About Michael J. Husted


Jewelers of America-Certified Master Bench Jeweler

Michael was only the 62nd bench jeweler in the USA to obtain this prestigious title (in 2000). Michael is one of only 3 such jewelers in New York State, and the total number in the United States is only 114! He has the expertise and ability to repair any piece of jewelry whether it is a simple repair, or restoring a hundred year old family heirloom. This talent makes available to our customers WORLD CLASS WORKMANSHIP that we are proud to provide, along with our exceptional small town personalized service.

Jewelry Designer and Master Craftsman Michael is a master jewelry designer that not only creates and builds his own designs, but has the technical and artistic ability to custom make any design idea for you. If you have the vision for a unique jewelry piece, Michael will transform your idea into a sketch, and then ultimately into your own, one of a kind, family heirloom. The possibilities are endless. If you have loose gemstones, Michael can create for you a pendant, ring, or earrings! If you would like to add onto an existing collection of jewelry, Michael can design the new piece! If you would like to alter an existing piece of jewelry, Michael can do a Makeover to give it the new look you desire! Or, if you would like to look at unique, one of a kind design ideas that have been transformed into elegant and classic jewelry by Michael, these items are now on display in our showcases.

  • Express same day service! by Michael, our JA Master Bench Jeweler/Designer
  • All work is done in store; your jewelry NEVER LEAVES our building!
  • Michael's one of a kind DESIGNER JEWELRY and CUSTOM WORK by appointment or walk in (if available).